Pelmets, Swags & Tails, Valances & Tiebacks

Pelmets are a great way to give that finished decorated look to your windows and add insulation to your home, both keeping more heat out in summer and more heat in winter.

Padded pelmets can be made in many shapes and sizes; contrast piping can be added to co-ordinate with blinds or curtains used to cover the window underneath.

For that extra flair, why not select from our large range of decorative trims such as fringes, flanges, cords etc to really make a statement with your Pelmet?

Swags & Tails
The elegant gather and drape of swags and tails will really give your windows that ultimate look, giving your whole room a feel of distinction. Swags & Tails are the ultimate way to dress and create a truly original and opulent look for your room.

Valances earn high style marks for topping your window, but do much more. Fabric Valances can also enhance a window's visual proportions or conceal the head-rail of an under treatment. Our valances are custom made with quality details such as pattern matching for a finished, seamless appearance.
Coordinate Valances with curtains, blinds or shades for total décor harmony. They can be headed with any of the headings used for curtains to create a smart finish to any window.

Complete the look with a set of new Tiebacks; choose from padded style with either matching or coordinating fabrics, or one of the many tassels with twist cord styles to frame and compliment your windows.

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