Hints & Tips

Length Converter

On occasion you will find a really good pattern or set of instructions but they are in imperial measurements. We have provided you with a handy little length conversion tool so you can get going on that project.

Knitting Hints

To assist you with your knitting and crochet projects, we've put together a list of the abbreviations used in knitting & crochet patterns and their meanings. We've also provided a conversion chart for you to make sure you use the correct size needle/hook.

Our Snowball yarn has been extremely popular. Click here to watch Veronica's Snowball tips.

Our Elicia yarn has been extremely popular. Click here to watch how to knit with Lincraft Elicia Yarn.

Ironing Tips

We all know that different fabrics require different ironing settings for optimum results. Always follow the manufacturer's care instructions and your iron's manual– but here are some general pointers to give your sewing creations a pressed perfect finish every time.

Velvet Care Instructions

Velvet is a very luxurious fabric and can sometimes intimidate even the more experienced sewer. Even caring for your velvet is important to ensure a long life for your garment. We've provided you with some useful hints and tips to help you sew and also care for your velvet.

Continuous Bias Binding

We put a lot of effort into our creations and sometimes you want to make your own bias binding to finish off those special projects. We've provided you with a handy hint to make metres of bias binding with little fuss.

Curtain How To's

If you are new at curtain making and are a little confused on what the different types of curtain headings are, here is a page that may help you understand.

Useful Links

Here are some other websites we find useful at Lincraft. From Guilds & Craft Organisations to markets and craft shows there is sure to be some information to inspire you.

Anchor - DMC Converter

For the avid needlecrafter, make sure that your colours always match with this handy colour chart, converting between Anchor and DMC stranded cottons.

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