Snowball Yarn Coathanger

Project 829

You will need:

1 ball of Snowball yarn by Lincraft
will make 3 coat hangers
4mm knitting needles
1 wooden coat hanger
Plastic tubing
Ribbon or flowers to trim
Matching thread and hand sewing needle
Yarn needle

Snowball Yarn Coathanger

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Cast on 8 sts.

1st row: Knit into the end of a pom pom then into the string across row.
Repeat 1st row 60 times (30 rows of pom poms showing).

Cast off loosely and sew in ends by trimming the pom poms back to the string so that the yarn will go through a yarn needle.

Fold the length in half and place around wood of coat hanger and sew the two sides together and each end using the matching thread. Screw the hook into the centre hole of the coat hanger and place the plastic over the hook. Trim with a bow or small flowers.

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