Winter Warmth Wrap

Project 67

Skill Level: Beginner

You will need:

  • 1 ball of Winter Warmth yarn by Lincraft
  • 1 ball of Brazil yarn by Lincraft
  • 1 ball of Venice yarn by Lincraft
  • 1 pair of 15mm knitting needles
  • Crochet hook for fringe
  • Cast on 3 stitches using 1 strand of Venice and 1 strand of Brazil. Knit 6 rows with 1 strand each of
    Venice yarn and Brazil yarn increasing 1 stitch at each end of every row. Change to 1 strand each of Venice yarn and Winter Warmth yarn and knit 6 rows increasing 1 stitch at each end
    of every row. Continue in above pattern until there are 90 stitches. Knit 3 rows without
    increasing. Cast off loosely.

    Fringe: Cut yarn into 20cm lengths.Fold in half and using a crochet hook loop through edges of wrap. Continue along both sides of wrap.

    Winter Warmth Wrap

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