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A435 Monkey Fist

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    Rainbow My Craft Key Rings- 12pk
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Yarn Required:

Lincraft Spaghetti Yarn

1kg ball




Other Material:

Key ring






Step 1

Hold 1 metre length of Spaghetti yarn in your left (non-dominant) hand with approx. 10cm hanging loose over your palm. 

Extend 2 fingers and wrap the working (long) end of the yarn around these two fingers 4 times – starting at the left and ending at the right.  Each loop should be next to the previous one. 


Step 2

Open your 2 fingers and wrap the working end of the yarn 4 times around the loops already on your fingers.  This wrap is going between your fingers and around the loops on your fingers.  It’s tight, but it needs to be for the knot to be neat.  Make sure each loop is sitting next to the previous one as you did in Step 1.


Step 3

Carefully slide the knot off to the end of your fingers.  DON’T LET GO.  Now thread the long end of the yarn through the two loops where your fingers are 4 times.  If you are able to be neat and line them up as you did in the previous steps that’s great, but it might be a bit tight – and its Ok if they are not perfect.


Step 4

Your knot is created but it might not look perfect, and you will need to spend a few minutes tightening it.  Find a loose loop and pull it gently – see where it comes out under the loop over it and pull it at the exit point under that loop.  If you can find it - start with the first loop you worked and end with the last, working your way around the knot and chasing the loose sections until you are able to pull the loose section out of the knot with one of the loose ends. 


Step 5

Double over the longer of your loose ends and tie it in a knot close to the Monkeys fist.  Tuck both ends into the knot, securing with some glue or a needle and thread if you think it will come out. 

Attach the loop to a key ring and enjoy. 

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