A436 Macrame Pot Holder

A436 Macrame Pot Holder How-To
  • Lincraft Spaghetti Pattern Book
    Lincraft Spaghetti Pattern Book
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Yarn Required:
Lincraft Spaghetti


1kg ball







Scissors, indoor plant and pot


Step 1: Cut eight 3.9m long strands of yarn.

Step 2: Fold the strands evenly in half and tie a knot at the top over a hook or ring.

Step 3: Gather a group of four strands and tie a half square knot with one strand on either side of two middle strands.

Step 4: Continue tying half square knots for 10cm.

Step 5: Repeat with all four groups.

Step 6: Leave a 25cm length of yarn between the knots just made, and tie a square knot for 7cm.

Step 7: Repeat for all four groups.

Step 8: To begin the basket where the pot will sit, divide a group of four strands in half and join them with two strands from the group closest to them.

Step 9: Leave 10cm from the section of squar knots and tie the four strands with a square knot. The basket will be made using alternating square knots.

Step 10: Continue around until you have four square knots completed and all the strands have been used.

Step 11: Leave another 6cm gap, and repeat the previous step. You should now have two rows of four square knots.


Leave a 7cm gap from the bottom of the last group of nows and close off the pot holder by tying simply tying a knot or for a lttle fancier, use a wrapped knot (optional).

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