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A607 Loopz Rectangular Cushion

To download this free Loopz pattern, select the image of the pattern and click to enlarge. Right click and select 'Save Image As'. After saving, you can choose to print or access the pattern at your leisure.

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Size   One Size
Width cm 100
Length (approx) cm 30

Yarn Required:
Lincraft Loopz

200g balls



• No needles required
• Work on a flat surface
• Stitches are formed by pulling loops (of working yarn) through loops (of project)
• Right side of work will be facing throughout. Check back of work occasionally for missed loops

• Wool needle for sewing up
• 30cm x 50cm cushion insert
• Matching plain yarn for sewing up


Find end of ball and unwind a length.
Snip open the first 2 loops to create a tail for weaving in later.
Count 20 loops and lay them flat with loops facing upwards.
Row 1 (right side): Working from right to left, pull a loop of working yarn through each of the 20 loops of project from back to front.
Row 2: Working from left to right, skip 1st edge loop, then pull a loop of working yarn through each of the project loops.
Row 3: Working from right to left, skip 1st edge loop, then pull a loop of working yarn through each of the project loops.

Last 2 rows form stocking stitch pattern. Continue to work
loops until Cushion measures 100cm from beg.

Bind off:
Pull the first 2 loops of working yarn through the 1st 2
loops of project (back to front). Now, pull the 2nd loop
through the 1st loop, pull a 3rd loop of working yarn
through next loop, then pull that loop through the previous
loop. Continue in this manner. Once row is complete and all
loops except last one secured, cut working yarn and cut 2
loops open, draw yarn through the last loop.

Fold in half and sew side seams together (using a large wool needle). Place cushion insert inside then sew remaining seam. Sew in all ends.

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