I am one of those knitters that always seem to have countless WIP’s for others and rarely knit up anything for myself. As July was Scarf and beanie month, it was time to do some selfish knitting to keep me warm in this Melbourne winter.

Lombardi Triangle scarf (A477) has been on my ever-growing “to knit” list since the pattern was released last year. The Lombardi yarn has fantastic properties of being warm and chunky but yet light. It was difficult to choose what colour as they all look glorious and chunky when knitted up. I finally settled on Clooney due to the variegated white and grey will look great with the colours in my wardrobe.

Before I started knitting the scarf, my plan was to take progress pictures. Once I began knitting, I didn’t stop knitting so I forgot to pause and take photos! This shows how easy the pattern was to follow and it is a super quick knit. My only suggestion is to keep a note of what row you are on during the increasing and decreasing sections. It is super easy to add a stitch on the wrong row if your attention slips.
The only change to the pattern I made was to replace the pom poms with tassels. Big tassels are super easy and quick to make with a small piece of cardboard.

Here is how to make large tassels:

1. Cut out a rectangle shape of cardboard that is 13cm by 7cm and wind the yarn around the length of the shape.

2. Cut a 15cm length of yarn and pass it under one end of the wraps and tie a knot.

3. Slip the yarn off the cardboard and wrap a 25cm length of yarn near the top. Trim the bottom loops open.

3. Create another tassel then secure them on each end of the scarf.

I am super pleased with how the scarf has knitted up. I have already worn it multiple times and had a few compliments on how warm and beautiful the scarf looks. What did you make this beanie and scarf month?