This adorable project is perfect for all the little aspiring ballerinas! Its simple, easy and fun to make. The girls will have hours of fun playing with their new little dancing friends.


To begin you will need to gather your supplies. This project requires a pair of scissors, pink pipe cleaners (you can choose whatever colour you like!), 1/4 metre of spangle tulle, 3-4 wooden pegs, star sequins or stickers, a glue stick, washi tape and some Marvy Pens.


Start by cutting out a small rectangle of tulle, roughly 14cm x 7cm. Then fold your rectangle in half to make a square. Wrap this square around the bottom of your peg scrunching at the top.


Secure the tulle with some washi tape. You will need a little helper for this step!


Next cut off a 10cm piece of pipe cleaner. Wrap around the middle of the peg just above the tulle. Twist at the back and straighten the pipe cleaner so they look like arms for your ballerina.


Glue a sequin star onto the front of your ballerina and draw on a face!


Lastly your ballerina will need a tiara! For this cut a small 2cm piece of pipe cleaner and wrap into a circle. Glue the top of the peg and secure the pipe cleaner tiara.



Now you have your own cute little ballerina dancers! Experiment with different colours and materials to make your own unique ballerina!