I love dreamcatchers. They remind me of my childhood and how making them at day camps made me feel. My crafting skills have since improved and these majestic creations remain, holding a very special spot in my crafting heart. The following project is my own take on the typical dream catcher.
Below is what I used to create my wonderful project. Use this as a guide and follow your heart with as many combinations of colours, ribbons, beads and wool as you like! Spend some time in the Lincraft aisles and grab the items that catch your eyes. I’ve collected my items from the jewellery/beads, bag making, craft and scrapbooking aisles.


What you will need:
1 x Rattan cane ring
1 x ball of White wool (I’ve used Lincraft 8ply Cotton)
Wooden beads (You can use multiple sizes but ensure that that the holes are large enough to thread through ribbon/leather/string.)
Clear acrylic beads
Feathers (I’ve used duck feathers, Tuft and spike feathers and feather bits)
4m x 12mm white ribbon
4m x 15mm silver ribbon
4m x 2mm Rayon cord (I found this in the scrapbooking aisle)
Suede thonging
Silk rope (You can easily find this in the jewellery aisle)
Three types of Lace ribbon of your choice. (You can find them in the trims aisle)
Hot Glue gun and glue


SAFETY WARNING: Hot glue gun and glue can get very hot and can cause burns! Please be careful when using this equipment. I used a toothpick to hold the item in place during the glueing process.

Step 1
Step 1.
Cut a small amount of yarn off the larger ball and wind into a smaller manageable ball. Use the hot glue gun to secure one end of the yarn. Wind the yarn around the rattan ring until you run off yarn, secure the end using the hot glue gun. Repeat process until all the ring is covered.


Step 2

Step 2.

Lay the trims across the ring to test the layout. I tried out three different layouts until I was happy with the combination.


step 3
Step 3.
Turn the ring over, this will be the back of the dream catcher. Use the hot glue gun to secure the ribbon into place and trim any extra lace to ensure that it cannot be seen from the front.


Step 4
Step 4.
Time to decorate! Cut ribbon and cord to the approximate length you want them to be. Thread the beads on to the ribbons and suede thonging. Trial different combinations of knots, beads and feathers. Wrap ribbon around to hide the top of the feathers if you are a perfectionist like me.


Step 5


Step 5.
Layout all items you wish to add to the bottom of your dreamcatcher. Once you are happy with the layout, use the hot glue gun to glue all the ribbon into place. Then tie all the finer ribbon and suede thonging to the ring. I secured them with a small dab of the hot glue gun.


Step 6

Step 6.
Cut a 30cm piece of suede thonging. Tie ends together and loops around the centre top of the ring.


Step 7.
Hang your amazing creation on the wall and admire!


How will you decorate your own dreamcatcher? Let me know in the comments below!