There is nothing more exciting then the anticipation of welcoming a little human into the world. What’s more, the excitement of planning and decorating their nursery! We think this DIY Baby Mobile Hanging makes the perfect addition to any nursery. Personalise it to suit the rest of your decor weather its pastel pinks or mint greens! Believe it or not this project is achievable for even the non-crafter. So follow our step by step guide to create this gorgeous hanging for yourself or even as the perfect newborn present!


To begin you will need a trip to your local Lincraft store to gather your supplies. Prior to going decide on a colour theme you would like for your hanging. Whites and greys with a pop of colour are super effective and on trend. You will need to choose around 8-12 different ribbons. Try to keep them relatively even in thickness but you can play around with the textures. Depending on the size of the embroidery hoop you use you will need around 3-5 metres of each ribbon. We have used a 30cm embroidery hoop. You will also need some twine and a pair of scissors. 


For this project you will only need the inner circle from your embroidery hoop. Benefit being you can make another mobile with your left over hoop!


Now you will need to get your scissors out and get cutting! Each piece of lace and ribbon should be cut to around 60cm. This is dependant on the size of your hoop and how long you would like your hanging to be. Some people also like to have uneven ends on their mobile so in this case cut random lengths of ribbon.


Next you will need to begin tying your strands onto your embroidery hoop. We used a simple not with this sitting on the outside of the hoop. View the video for a detailed look at this!


Now continue tying your strands all the way around the hoop, trying to keep alternating your ribbons.


Once you have filled your hoop you just need to cut three lengths of twine and spread them out evenly onto the hoop. Tie the end of each piece onto the embroidery hoop.



Finally you will need to take the three lengths of twine and tie them together in the centre of the loop.


And now all you have to do is hang your mobile up in your nursery! Such a cute touch!

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