Get into the christmas spirit by making your very own DIY Christmas Baubles. With 4 different bauble designs, this is a great family activity to celebrate the festive season.

Baubles_0068_Layer 8

For this project you will need our Lincraft Shatterproof Baubles. You will also need some paint, glitter and yarn, this can be purchased at your closest Lincraft store or alternatively on our online store at

Lets get creative!

Pom Pom Bauble:

Baubles_0058_Layer 18

First twist the lid off the top of the bauble, then add in a few bright pom poms. Carefully add some glitter for some extra sparkle. Pop the lid back on and give the bauble a gentle shake to finish your beautiful christmas themed snow ball.

Letter Bauble:

Baubles_0050_Layer 26

First step is to paint your bauble. We chose to do a christmas red but any christmas colours will look effective. Make sure to wait until your bauble is totally dry before the next step.

Baubles_0045_Layer 31

If you’re 100% sure the paint is dry its time to add the personal touch. We love our bling letters as they are easy to use and you can individualise each bauble with your families initials. Simply take the letter off the plastic and place where desired on the bauble.

Yarn & Glitter Bauble:

Baubles_0028_Layer 48

Carefully apply glue to one half of the bauble (you can hold the other half while you work). Tie your yarn around the glued part of the bauble. Try lining the yarn close together to keep the yarn neat and in place.

Allow to dry and add glue to the other half of the bauble, this time we are going to add some christmas sparkle by dipping this half into glitter. Allow glue to dry and hang the elegant bauble on the tree.

Paint Bauble:

Baubles_0015_Layer 61

This bauble will always be individual as you have to let the fate of the shake design this artsy bauble. First squirt in some of your favourite christmas colours and tightly secure the lid. Now shake away until you have a your ideal look.

Remember you can add a small amount of water if you a working with a thicker paint.

You’ve now got some beautiful decorations to hang on your tree!

Baubles_0071_Layer 5

This is an easy and fun way to personalise your christmas tree as well as create family Christmas memories.

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Merry Christmas!