Give your friends and family a card they will never forget with these DIY Christmas Cards. With 5 different designs- the santa suit, string lights, button snowman, the bauble window and button baubles, these brilliant and easy to make cards will be sure to please your loved ones.

christmas_cards_0075_Layer 8

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Santa Suit:

christmas_cards_0061_Layer 22

You will need a white basic card to begin. Then cut out a piece of glittery red card slightly smaller than the front of your card. Next cut a piece of black ribbon the width of your red cardboard. Thread the ribbon through the buckle to make Santas belt. You can then paste red paper over the white card, leaving a white border. Lastly paste the belt in the middle of the card and you have santa suit card.

String Lights:

christmas_cards_0048_Layer 35

Start with a basic card in the colour of your choice. Then simply measure the string lights against the card and cut the size according to a zig zag pattern. Glue the ends of the string lights to your card. Now you have a simple but elegant christmas card.

Button Snowman:

christmas_cards_0034_Layer 49

For a frosty snowman design, you will need 2 white buttons, one smaller than the other. Take a basic plain card of your choice and glue down the buttons in the centre of the card with the smallest button being on top. Draw on a little black top hat and add some small red ribbon between the two buttons. And then you have a gorgeous snow man!

The Bauble Window:

christmas_cards_0017_Layer 66

Create a clever bauble design by first sticking some shiny paper on the inside of the card. Then cut a circle on the front page using a circle punch. You can do it anywhere on the page but it does look good lower down so you can later see the bauble hang.

Once you’ve completed the circle, glue a line from the top of the page to your bauble and stick down some yarn. Finish the look of with a lovely bow between the string and the bauble and add some extra stickers for a decorated look.

Button Baubles:

christmas_cards_0014_Layer 76

Create a card full of baubles by sticking down different buttons horizontally along the page. Then its as simple as drawing lines to the buttons and you have a decorative bauble card.

christmas_cards_0003_Layer 80

How easy is it to make gorgeous and authentic cards? Share your own Christmas Card creations with us on our facebook and instagram with the hashtag #lincraftloveschristmas.

Merry Christmas!