It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and what better way to celebrate than to decorate or create the perfect gift. Our DIY Christmas Mason Jars are a great decoration for the christmas table but can also be a fabulous gift, by filling the jars with your loved ones favourite treats.

Now to rustle up materials- head into your closest Lincraft store for a huge range of colourful paperribbon and pipe cleaners. You can also visit our online store at

mason_jars_0013_Layer 1

We will show you how to create the reindeer design but there are so many variations so feel free to get creative and give your own mason jar your own spin.

Lets do this:

mason_jars_0011_Layer 13

Start by tracing some brown paper against the jar to cut out the right size. Once your paper strip is cut wrap the paper around the jar and carefully secure with a hot glue gun.

mason_jars_0009_Layer 19

Time to glue on a cute pom pom nose (red for Rudolph of course!) as well as adding some eyes by gluing on these fabulous joggle eyes.

mason_jars_0007_Layer 21

Now to glue on some bright christmas ribbon around the outside of the mason jar lid.

mason_jars_0004_Layer 41

Time for some reindeer antlers! Cut pipe cleaners to desired size and attach at the top with the glue gun.

Now the fun part- add your or your loved ones favourite treats. And last by not least, attach a decorative bow and gift tag and like that you have a thoughtful and easy DIY gift. Our tag price punch is perfect for this!

Why not try making a snowman or santa mason jar?! You can fill your jars with whatever you like! Some more ideas include sauces, cookie or baking mixes, homemade sweets, gift cards, sewing supplies, money or anything you can fit inside the jar!



Time to enjoy your gorgeous mason jars, or give to someone else to enjoy. If your looking for more easy DIY christmas gifts or decorations you might like to check out our blog here.

Have a merry christmas!