Our range of Christmas fabric is already in store and the patterns are so good this year. Get a head start on Christmas and whip up a new table runner and some matching napkins this weekend. Use contrasting or metallic thread and a fancy stitch on your sewing machine to make them even more fun.

Here’s how:

You Will Need:

Squares of fabric for napkins

A piece of fabric for your table runner (this size will vary with the size of your table)

Sewing machine



Use the template below to determine the size of Napkin you require, and cut squares of fabric 4cm larger (to allow for hem turning). Turn and press double-fold hems, pinning as you go. Sew the hems with a straight stitch on your sewing machine, or with a decorative stitch in a contrasting thread if desired.

Table Runner

A table runner can run down the centre of your table, or across the middle. The size of your runner will be determined by the size of your table. Cut fabric 4cm larger than you require. Turn and press double-fold hems, pinning as you go. If your fabric is very bulky, you may consider using bias tape instead to reduce hem thickness. Sew the hems with a straight stitch on your sewing machine, or with a decorative stitch in a contrasting thread if desired.

So what are you waiting for impress your guests for Christmas lunch with your very own DIY Napkins and Table Runners. To View the downloadable version of this project click here. 

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