Give your presents a new look this christmas with this brilliant DIY Creative Christmas Wrapping. This wrapping will surprise all, as well as create a new and fun gift opening experience with your loved ones.

festive_wrapping_0062_Layer 8

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What are you waiting for? lets create something great!

festive_wrapping_0054_Layer 16

First fold your paper in half and trace the shape you want your wrapping to be (as you can see we chose a star). Be sure to measure that your gift will fit in your shape.

festive_wrapping_0051_Layer 19

Cut your shape out and use the excess paper to create paper strands to go in the wrapping later. Carefully pin your shape together so you’re able to sew evenly.

festive_wrapping_0030_Layer 40

Time to sew! Grab your sewing machine and sew around the outside of the wrapping, make sure you leave a gap to put your present in.

festive_wrapping_0017_Layer 53

Fill your wrapping with your paper strands and slide your present in, finish stuffing the wrapping and sew up the shape.

You now have an awesomely wrapped christmas present that anyone would love.

festive_wrapping_0005_Layer 65

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Merry Christmas!!