Hessian continues to be a popular decorating fabric this year and it’s perfect for decorating a table or wreath.

Here’s our free patterns to make gorgeous hessian stockings & bunting to decorate your mantle this Christmas.


Hessian stocking 
You Will Need:

• 30cm of red Hessian cloth (or colour required for stocking)

• 10cm of cream Hessian cloth (or colour required for star & cuff of stocking)

• Scissors

• A button (optional)

• Sewing machine

• Iron

• 20cm length of ribbon (optional)


Use the templates provided to cut out 2 stocking shapes, one star and 2 cuff pieces. Also cut a hanging loop with a scrap of hessian 20cm long x 4cm (or use ribbon instead). Pin the cuff to the top edge of the stocking and using a straight stitch sew in place. Iron the cuff up and top-stitch with the zig zag stitch of your sewing machine.

Pin the star to one of the stocking shapes and sew in place using a zig zag stitch. With right sides facing, pin both stocking shapes together, and using a straight stitch, sew around the sides and bottom, leaving the top open. Turn right side out and iron flat. Top stitch with zig zag to reinforce these seams.

Fold the hanging loop piece in half lengthways and iron flat. Zig zag this flat fabric to form a hanging loop.

Attach the loop to the top of the stocking – as per the photo, hand sew on a button.

Hessian Bunting
You Will Need:

• 25cm of Hessian cloth in 4 colour ways

• Scissors

• 3 metres of red grosgrain ribbon (or trim of your choice)

• Scrap piece of paper to make a template

• Ruler

• Pen

• Sewing machine


Step 1: Cut a triangle template by drawing a line 18cm long. Mark the Halfway point (9cm), and draw a line straight down from that point 22cm long. Draw ruled lines joining the outside points of these lines.

Step 2: Use the template to cut bunting out of your three pieces of fabric. You can line the pattern up top to tail like this /\/\/\/\/\/.

Step 3: Cut star shapes from hessian using the template below.

Step 4: Pin one star to each triangle cut, and sew in place using the zig zag stitch of your sewing machine.

Step 5: Pin the triangles to the grosgrain ribbon, and sew in place – using the zig zag stitch of your sewing machine.

And you are done! You now have your very own Christmas decorations handcrafted with love!

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