Check out this amazing project to learn how you can make your very own DIY, snuggly & soft fleece blanket in less than an hour and all without a sewing machine! There are so many uses for these blankets, you can make one with a print on one side for the little ones,  in sporting colours for your next trip to the football, with different colours for each of the kids, a paw print pattern for your family pet and pretty much whatever else you can think of! They are perfect because you really can make multiple as they are just that easy!


The hardest thing about this project will be choosing the colour of your fleece (good luck to those letting the children choose!). You will need 2×2 metres- make sure its polar fleece as other versions of fleece don’t work as well. You will also need a pair of good quality dressmaker scissors (we recommend our Lincraft dressmaker scissors as used in our video!) and some pins.


For this project you will need a bit of space, so clear down a table or find some room on your floor. Spread your fabric out, one piece on top of the other- lining up the edges. If the edges to not line up properly you can simply give the fabric a trim to ensure the edges are even. Next pin your fabric together to ensure it doesn’t shift around when you are cutting.


First you will need to cut out your corners. To do this measure in 12.5cm from the top and the side. Then cut along the ruler with your scissors. Repeat this for all 4 sides.


Next you will need to cut your strips. They will be 12.5cm long (so cut to the end of your corner) and 2.5cm wide. Just use a ruler as a guide.

nosew_blog9 nosew_blog10

To complete your blanket you will need to tie all your strips into knots! We recommend borrowing a couple of helpers for this part- after all many hands make light work!

Make sure you pull your knots nice and tight and after all knots are tied stretch the blanket out so the knots are not sitting too close together.

And now you can sit back on the couch with your new blanket and relax!


Don’t forget to share your photos of this project with us on our social media channels with the #lincrafters! We love to see everyones creative takes on our project ideas!