When this brand new faux-fur landed on our desk, we simply had to transform this luxe fabric into a must-have vest this Winter. The printed pattern makes this fabric the perfect option for an elegant, on trend look.

The following tutorial is a quick DIY which requires no sewing machine. Gather your supplies and let`s get started!

You will need:

1 Metre of Faux Fur


Chalk or Marker

Measuring Tape

Time required: 20 minutes

1. Lay the piece of fabric on the table with the fur side facing down.

2. Find the centre spot of the vest and measure roughly 25cm from the top. Mark this point on the vest.

3. Next measure the width of your shoulder. Measure left to right from the centre point. Our vest was 17cm wide from the centre point for each half.

4. We are nearly done! The final step is to cut the arm holes. The arm hole cut will be roughly 15cm in length. Draw the shape before cutting and check both are the same size.

Your brand new vest is now ready to wear! Be sure to share your creation with us by tagging #lincraftloves