This cute design was done by our guest blogger Carinas Crafts!

This Owl PJ Pillow project is quick and easy. I added 2 additional features which are optional. I personalised the pillow with some embroidery, ‘Sweet Dreams’. The child’s name or another bedtime wish could be stitched. I also added a little pocket at the back. This could be to keep the dummy safe, help the tooth fairy collect teeth/deliver money or it could be a cute way for sweet messages to be left for your precious one.

PJ pillow - frontPJ pillow - back


Finished size: 49 cm x 41.5 cm [19 ¼ in x 16 ⅜ in]



Owl fabric – 51 cm x 43.5 cm [20 in x 17 ⅛ in]

Backing fabric – top panel 24 cm x 43.5 cm [9 ½ in x 17 ⅛ in] bottom panel 40 cm x 43.5 cm [ 16 in x 17 ⅛ in]

Scrap fabric for pocket – I used Japanese hexie/floral 13cm x 13cm [approx. 5 ⅛ in x 5 ⅛ in]

Matching embroidery floss – DMC # 602

Scissors/rotary cutter


Paper/printer or template


1. Print out the Sweet Dreams Template – or create your own. I used font size 150 in Word.

2. Position the template under the owl panel

photo 2a

3. Trace words onto fabric – I used a 2H pencil.

photo 2b

4. Embroider the word in desired stitch using an embroidery hoop – I used chain stitch.

photo 3

5. Sew hem on one side of the pocket.

photo 4

6. Centre pocket on bottom panel of backing fabric and pin in place. Fold hem of remaining 3 sides and sew to panel.

7. Sew hem [one side of the 43.5 cm [17 ⅛ in] length] of the top and bottom panel.

photo 6

8. Lay owl panel, right side up. Then lay the top panel [over the eyes] wrong side up and finally the bottom panel [over the body and feet] wrong side up.

photo 7

9. Pin all three pieces together.

photo 8

10. Sew all pieces together on all 4 sides leaving a 1cm seam allowance.

11. Turn inside out and press.

12. Fill with PJs or night clothing.

photo 11bphoto 11a

General notes:

The panel sizes are approximate – it depends how much border/white space you prefer around the owl.

The use of an embroidery hoop is optional but it makes embroidery a bit easier.