For a sentimental and personalised gift, creating a gorgeous DIY Photo Canvas has never been so easy. Your photo canvas can have any designs or colours. The options are limitless and you can even get the kids involved!

First things first, you can grab all the tools you will need for your DIY photo canvas on our Lincraft online store We have a huge range of paints and canvases to choose from making it easy to design any type of theme.
Photo_canvas_0014_Layer 1

Now lets get painting!

First tape around the outside of your canvas for a neat bordered finish.

Photo_canvas_0013_Layer 3

Now to get creative. In the video, we use brush strokes which are easy and effective. Alternatively feel free to paint any design (dots, patterns, shapes etc.)

Photo_canvas_0011_Layer 14

Have a break after your hard work and wait for the paint to dry. Then remove the masking tape to reveal a nice clean border!

Photo_canvas_0007_Layer 29

Measure up the twine to the canvas size and cut lengths as required. Using a hot glue gun carefully glue the twine to the sides of the canvas. (Please ensure children are being supervised if using a hot glue gun).

Photo_canvas_0006_Layer 33

Last but not least, peg up all your favourite photos and voila! you have a beautiful personal piece of art.

Photo_canvas_0001_Layer 45

This DIY photo canvas is easy enough for a kids project. The canvas makes for a great DIY present for christmas and birthdays. Canvas can be hung on a wall as they are light weight or placed on a mantle piece.

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