This fun Piñata Card was created by our guest blogger Carinas Crafts!

The piñata originates from Mexico. Piñata literally means pot. They are container often made of papier-mâché, historically from pottery, or cloth; it is decorated, and filled with small toys or lollies, or both, and then broken as part of a celebration, typically with blindfolding children and, spinning them around and give them a stick. Once broken and contents falls the children dive and scatter to collect as many treasures as they can.



Finished size: 10 cm x 15 cm [4 in x 6 in]


EzCut paper dies

Die cutting machine

Cardstock 20 cm x 15 cm [8 in x 6 in]

Thin chipboard


Paper – various colours

White glue

Double sided foam tape



Print the template, trace it on chipboard. Cut out piñata shape


Run the die cut through die cut machine – I used my Cuttlebug machine, cutting strips of various colours.


Start at the feet, glue strips of cut coloured paper.


Continue to layer the strips of coloured paper.

The strips of coloured paper can over hang on the edges at this stage.


Continue layering the coloured strips, repeating the same coloured sequence.


Continue to cover entire chipboard.

Once all the strips are dried, turn over and trim any excess paper.


Cut small pieces of double sided foam tape and place on the back of the piñata.


Score the card stock at the 10cm [4 in] mark and fold card stock in half.

Remove backing off double sided foam tape and stick piñata on folded cardstock.


Curl as necessary to enhance the coloured strips of paper.


General notes:

The template can be traced and cut from any card board/card stock if chipboard if not available.

The piñata can be glued or double side taped to the card if foam tape not available.