Valentines Day is a day often dreaded by many single ladies. You steer clear of the movies, restaurants and ice-cream shops in fear you’ll be the only non loved up person around.

But Valentines Day isn’t just for couples! We think it’s the perfect excuse to tell the special people in your life how much you appreciate them! We are talking best friends, mums/dads, nannas, sisters, your favourite barista or whoever helps make your days a little brighter! And what better way to thank these fabulous people than with a heartfelt handmade card <3

Making your own card doesn’t have to mean a $50 trip to the craft store, half a day of fiddling around with the glue gun, creating a mess bigger than family christmas , a pile of ‘practice’ cards, a heap of frustration and a last minute dash to the newsagent….

Check out the below ideas for super cute, super easy and super loveable DIY valentines day cards!

Card 1- We just fit!

All you need to do to create this card is to cut some puzzle shapes out of your favourite printed paper. Stick them on the card and use a marker to write your quirky line!

Card 2- Love Heart Cut out

For this card simply trace a piece of card the same shape as the front of your card and cut out. Next trace a love heart (or whatever shape you like) on to the paper and carefully cut out with a pair of scissors. Then stick on to your card and write a name in the middle of your cut out!

Card 3- Cute mini envelopes

Everyone loves mini things! Just like these super cute mini envelopes. All you need to do is pick your favourite printed paper and cut out your template- its a rectangle with a triangle at the top, so kind of looks like a house once cut out. Then you just need to cut 2 more templates the same size. Once you have your 3 envelope templates simply fold the top point down to the bottom of the rectangle. Stick onto your card and there you have it!

Card 4- Craft punch delight!

Our final card uses the very handy craft punch to create a pattern cut out on your card. Simply use your punch along the right hand side of your card. Then choose a patterned paper and stick on the inside of the card so the pattern shows through your holes. Next cut a strip of your patterned paper the same length as your card. Cut out the same number of holes you cut on your card. Then stick this strip onto your card!

See we told you it was easy! Now you just have to choose a favourite and get crafting! Spread the love with us by sharing your creations with the hashtag #lincraftloves.

Happy Valentines Days may it be a crafty one!