Schools back so its time to get organised! This DIY Embroidery hoop memo board is the perfect solution! Keep track of appointments, sports training and leave notes for the kids! Why not make a different memo board for each of your little ones! Take them down to Lincraft to pick out their favourite fabric and they can each have their own personalised board to track all their activities!

Give this week’s Memo Board project a try for your chance to win a $50 lincraft voucher and be featured in our next How To Make email! Simply share your project photo with us on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #lincrafters.


To start your project you first need to gather your supplies! You will need some fabric (about 1/2 metre), an embroidery loom (we have used a bamboo loom around 30cm wide), coordinating paint, a pair of scissors, a piece of thick cardboard, greylead pencil, paint brush, hot glue gun, 1/2 metre thick wadding and some thumb tacks.


First you will need to unscrew your embroidery hoop and remove the middle hoop.


Next paint your embroidery hoop in your chosen colour and set aside to dry.


Grab your inner hoop and trace around the inside onto your piece of cardboard. Then cut out your circle.


Use the glue gun to glue the outer rim of your cardboard circle. Then stick down the wadding. Then trim the wadding to the circle.


Now grab your fabric and lay flat. Place your circle over top and trace a circle approx 10cm around the outside. Then cut this circle out with some fabric scissors.



Now replace the inner hoop onto your cardboard circle. Next you will need to glue your fabric onto the back of the cardboard. You can glue a section at a time- making sure you pull the fabric back tight.


Once the paint has dried you can replace your outer loom.


And finish by tightening the screw to secure your loom.


Thats it! Now you have your own fabric memo board! Don’t forget to share your memo board with us using the hashtag #lincrafters for your chance to win a $50 voucher and be featured in our next how to make email!

Happy Making 🙂