Most households had a Knitting Nancy or a French knitting machine as a child. If you raid anyone craft stash, you may find one. I have many different versions that I have acquired over many years. They are usually only thought of as a children craft tool. The mini loom turns yarn into a knit cord which can be incorporated into various craft projects. I wanted to create a unique Christmas decoration with yarn and decided to use this underrated craft tool to spell out Merry Christmas! You could use this process below to form any words or pictures, let your imagination run wild!



I-cord maker/knitting Nancy/French knitter

Memory Wire (I found this in the Jewellery aisle)

A3 paper

Yarn  (I used a small amount of Lincraft 8ply cotton)

Sticky Tape


Hot Glue gun





Step 1.

Using the pen, write Merry Christmas using cursive letters on the A3 Paper.


Step 1


Step 2.

Create a long I-cord for each word. I created 1.3m for the word “Merry” and 1.5m for “Christmas”. Leave one end of each I-cord open.


Step 2
Step 3.

Wrap tape around the end of the memory wire. The tape will help stop the memory wire getting stuck in the tube. Thread the wire carefully through the I-cord.




Step 4.

Bend the wire to match the letters on your page. I bent the wire in the way that would have had written it with a pen. Spend some time to getting the correct shape for all letters.


Step 4


Step 5.                                                                                                                     

Wrap some yarn around both ends of the I-cord and secure with glue.  Check that the memory wire will not slip out the end of I-cord. Secure letters into place by wrapping yarn around where the I-cord crosses over.


Step 5

Step 6.

Stand back and check that all your words are easily recognisable from a short distance. Once you are happy with the outcome, place on display!


Final pic



And there you go! I would love to see your creation. Show me on social media either on Facebook or Instagram.