Snow globes are so magical! And they are really easy to make yourself. Learn how with this simple to follow How to Make Snow Globes Project!

You will need:

  • A clean jar with a well-fitting lid (make sure there are no leaks when turned upside down)
  • Glycerine (available from the first aid section of your supermarket)
  • A tube of Sullivans Large Glitter (white)
  • A tube of Sullivans Glitter shapes (optional)
  • A tow temp Hot glue gun
  • Fimo
  • Artificial foliage – you can find great pieces amongst our artificial flower bunches. Because they are going to stay submerged in water, make sure you only use the plastic pieces, not cloth or paper as these will deteriorate over time.
  • A teaspoon
  • An oven
  • Scissors
  • Some distilled water.

If you are making a snow globe with a plastic animal in it you will need one of those too!

If you are making a photo globe, you will also need a printed photo that is small enough to fit in the jar PLUS

  • A sharp scalpel (optional but good for cutting out a laminated shape)
  • A Laminator (optional)

Start with a clean jar, making sure the inside is free from any dirt and that the lid is clean and dry.

Let’s make our fimo base:

The quantity you will need will depend on your jar. As a base, the fimo will keep all the elements together, but it ALSO acts as a platform. Turn your jar to the side and you will see that most jars have a neck and a screw section for the lid, and most of them take up at least 1cm of the jar, so you’ll need to raise your arrangement to be visible past that for a good effect.

Warm up some fimo in your hands until it is nice and pliable and fit it inside your lid – make sure it is well clear of the edges, so your jar will still be able to screw onto the lid and make a good seal. Try the jar on to make sure.

Push the plastic foliage into the fimo base.

Make sure you have left a space for the animal (if using).

Carefully remove the foliage and take the fimo out of the lid.

Bake the fimo in an oven at 110 for 30 minutes (follow the instructions on the fimo pack). Take it out of the oven and allow it to cool

Now comes the fun part!

Using the pre-warmed glue gun, put some glue on the bottom of the fimo and push it into the jar lid (check that the jar fits on again before proceeding).

Put a dob of glue on the end of each piece of foliage and push it back into the hole you make earlier.

Looking good!

Check that it fits in your jar with some clearance at the top.

Put a few teaspoons of Glycerine in your clean jar – 2-3tsp per cup is a rough guide. The glycerine changes the consistency of the water so it moves slower and the glitter drifts rather than falls

Add water and give is a good stir (or a shake).

Add a few shapes (optional)

And a good shake of large white glitter. The glitter will sit on the top of the water – but will sink slowly. You may also notice clumps of glitter sticking together – these will separate out after a few days in the water. One of my jars also had clumps sitting at the top of the jar when I first made it – but after 2 days and a bit of shaking it has all settled down nicely with no lumps.

You may need to top up your water a little – you want the jar to be full to the top with no air (or only a small amount of air). When most of the glitter has sunk to the bottom you are good to go.

Turn the lid upside down and carefully lower it into the jar. Screw the lid on tight and turn it upside down to check for air.

You can see here I had too much air in the jar, so I carefully unscrewed it and lever up the lid a little – adding more water gently with a teaspoon to the side then lowered the lid and rescrewed it tight again.



Miss things up and try creating your next Snow Globe with a photo- Its the perfect gift idea! If you loved this project check out our project on how-to make your very own DIY Terrarium!