We all love a visit from the Easter bunny…even if he does leave his Easter treats everywhere! And when it comes to Easter morning, your kids are going to need something to hold all their delicious Easter chocolates in. These fantastic DIY Easter Bunny Baskets are the perfect baskets for any Easter Egg hunt! Not only will your kids love them, but they will have an absolute blast decorating them. A great activity to get the kids excited for Easter morning!


Before you get started, you need to grab all your materials. You’ll need a plain Paper Mache Basket from your local Lincraft store. Remember, the bigger the basket, the more chocolate goodies you can fit inside!

You’ll also need paper shred, foam sheets, pom poms and googley eyes. Choose your acrylic paint colours, and have a paintbrush and palette handy. If you’re stuck on colour, pastels always make a great choice for Easter DIY! Make sure you’ve also got kids glue, a marker, and scissors.

Once you’ve laid some paper down – because paint can get a little messy –  then you’re ready to start decorating!



First, paint the paper mache basket any colour you like.


Then, paint the handle a different colour. A great way to tell the baskets apart if you are making more than one!


While you wait for the paint on your baskets to dry, use the templates to trace some ears on to foam sheets. Use different colours for each size so its sure to stand out.

Cut these ears out. Be careful when cutting these out!


Add some glue to the back of your smaller ear pieces.


And then glue them on to the bigger ear pieces.


Add some glue to the back of the ears and stick them on to the basket. Make sure you leave enough space between the ears for the bunny face.


Next, grab a small pom pom to be the nose of your bunny and glue it on to the basket between the bottom of its ears.


Stick on a pair of googley eyes and use your marker to draw on some whiskers. You can also draw on eyes or use chenilles as whiskers.

Now your bunny has a face!


Use a larger pom pom for a bunny tail and glue this on to the back of the basket.


Add some shredded paper (and a few chocolate goodies) and you are ready for Easter!


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Happy Easter, Lincrafters!