There is nothing better than seeing a child’s artwork hanging up in your home! Get your kids to give this DIY Tissue Paper Artwork project a try and they can hang their finished artwork in their room or around the house! Better yet this project is super fun and easy and requires minimal supplies

DIY Tissue Paper Supplies

To start you will need to gather a canvas (the size can be whatever you choose), some different coloured tissue paper, a punch (we used a circle shape but you can choose your shape), some scissors and a spray water bottle.


Start off by hole punching some circles (or you chosen shape) out of your tissue paper. To make this easier cut your tissue into small squares and group together so you can cut out a whole group of circles at once!


Then cut some more shapes out of your remaining tissue paper. We chose to do triangles! Set you tissue paper shapes aside for now until we need them later!


Now its time to prep your canvas. To do this spray your whole canvas with water, you need the whole surface to be wet (but not soaking).


Next you can plave your tissue paper shapes whereever you like on the canvas! If it starts to dry as you are going just spray it again with some water.


Once all your tissue paper is down finish with a final spray of water! Then set your canvas away to dry overnight.


Once dry you can remove your tissue shapes


And now your little one has their very own beautiful art canvas! Give this project a go with different colours and shapes to see what different effects you can get. You can even paint a name on top of the canvas afterwards to create a personalised piece of art or a perfect handmade present!

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