Here’s an easy way to whip up a creative & colourful cushion in 30 minutes (or less). It’s so easy to brighten up your home. It’s the ideal sewing project for beginners.

(Note – I scaled this cushion down to make it easier to photograph the process, so please ignore the scale of the hands in the photos).

You’ll need:
Let’s begin!

Start by laying your fabric out with the cut edge towards you and the right side facing down. Fold the selvedge edge over by 2cm and iron it flat. Sew this folded edge down.

DIY cushion

Lay the fabric out again right side up, and using a pin, mark 50cm from the folded edge.

cushion 2

Fold at this point and iron this edge flat. If you like, you could sew a line very close to this folded edge to create a fake seam, or just keep it folded as I did.

cushion 4

Use a measuring tape to mark out 50cm of width again fold the other side over and press it. Again, you could sew a line very close to this folded edge to create a fake seam, or just keep it folded as I did.   There will be an overlap of fabric, so fold it back on itself as seen in the picture above. Open it up and sew this overlapped hem. It will be nice and deep which is a good thing, it will give the cushion some nice body and make a very neat edge.

cushion 5

You are so nearly done!

Open the fabric up, and refold it so that the fat hem is on the inside and the narrow hem is on the outside as seen above.

cushion 6

Pin down the 2 cut edges and sew a seam down each of these sides.

cushion 7

Cut the corners so they will be nice and neat when turned right side out. And turn right side out!

cushion 8

Give the cover a good press, making sure the corners are nice and neat. This is what the cover will look like before inserting the cushion. There is quite a lot of overlap which means our cushion insert will sit inside very securely without the need for a zip or buttons to hold it in.

Open the cover up, and tuck your insert inside, smoothing down the flaps.

cushion 9

And you are done!

You can make any sized cushion you like using this method. And most sizes will be able to use the full width of the Fabric. If your cushion is very large you will need to get a piece of fabric 3 times longer than the cushion – and cut the width to be 10cm wider than the insert. The rest of the process remains the same.

cushion 10