Its a common fact that everyone loves unicorns… well at least I do! This adorable DIY project gives you a step by step guide on how to make your very own Unicorn Headband for the little princess in your life. Although i’d be lying if I said I didn’t try it on myself…its too cute not too. Its also too easy not to try so heres how! You can either follow along with the video or follow the below steps.




Step 1:

Paint the headband with the glitter paint and set aside to dry.


Step 2:

Pin the horn template to the white felt square to keep it in place, then cut around it.


Step 3:

Pin the outer ear template to the cream felt square and the inner ear template to the pink felt square and cut these out also.


Step 4:

Using the hot glue gun, glue down one side of the template and roll the horn around in a cone shape. Use some pressure to secure the two sides.


Step 5:

Once the glue is dried, stuff the horn with wadding. Pull small amounts of wadding and keep pushing up till the tip of the horn to ensure the whole horn fills up.


Step 6:

Cut a circle of white felt square that is the same size for the base of the horn. Attach the top of the horn to the centre of the headband with some glue. Secure the bottom of the horn with the circle piece of felt using the hot glue gun.


Step 7:

Tie the metallic gold corn in a knot at the tip of the horn, then wind it around till you reach the base. Cut the cord off and use a small amount of glue to attach the end at the back of the horn.


Step 8:

Glue on the outer ears by wrapping the template around the headband. Then glue on the inner ears.


Step 9:

Use the glitter glue again to paint the inner ears to give it a shimmer.


Step 10:

Now glue on each flower underneath the ears and horn keeping them in the centre of the headband.


Step 11:

Cut the spangle tulle to suit your desired length and attach it with the glue gun on the back of the horn.


Step 12:

Allow for all the glue to dry and your unicorn headband is complete!