How could we resist a cute puppy! We just had to make a bandana to accessorise her with.

Blog_Dog_Bandana1. You will need, Fabric, Scissors and a glue gun.

2. Lay your fabric flat.

3. Fold a corner of the fabric into a triangle.

4. Cut out triangle piece out.

Blog_Dog_Bandana25. Use a long strip of fabric for the necktie.

6. Fold edges over to get a nice straight edge.

7. And glue each edge.

8. Place the square piece under the long strip, pattern side up.

Blog_Dog_Bandana39. Getting your glue gun and glue the strap piece.

10. Fold piece over and glue into place, leaving a little unglued and left open.

11. Use the opening to turn the bandana inside out.

12. Glue the opening shut.

Blog_Dog_Bandana413. You should now have a cute bandana.

14. Now all you need is a cute dog and your ready to hit the cafes.

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