Embroidery is so on trend but can also feel daunting for beginners, this weeks ‘How To Make’ project will show you the basic stitches to create something worthy of the wall.

Equipment and Materials:
Various red, purple and white embroidery threads
20 cm Embroidery hoop
A4 Lined paper
Embroidery needles
Fat Quarter (or white fabric)
Pinking shears
White felt sheet
Removable Fabric marker
Hot glue gun
4m of 6mm of red ribbon

Step 1.
Turn the lined paper on its side the lines run vertically. Draw a love heart on the lined paper and draw lines to make the heart shape. Number lines as pictured below.

Each number will represent a different colour and DMC thread colour.
1. Back stitch – Dark red.
2, Satin stitch – red
3. Split stitch – pink
4. Back stitch – light purple
5. Satin stitch – violet
6. Split stitch – purple


Step 2.
Place the inner hoop on the white felt. Draw around the outer edge with the erasable pen. Cut out the felt and place to the side.


Step 3
Using the embroidery hoop as a guide, using the pinking shears cut enough material so that there is at least 5cm around the edge of the outer hoop.

Step 4
Iron the fabric flat and place over the paper. Using the erasable fabric pen, trace the lines onto the material.

Step 5.
Start stitching! Following the colour and stitch guide that you created in step 1.

Step 6.
Wrap the red ribbon around the outer embroidery hoop. Secure the ribbon using the hot glue gun.

Step 7.
Check that the heart is in the centre of the hoop. Tighten the fabric to ensure that tension is even across the design. Trim the extra fabric around the hoop to leaving approximately 2.5cm. Remove any traces of removable marker if still visible.

Step 8.
Using three strands of white embroidery thread, use a long running stitch 6mm from the edge of the fabric. Gather the fabric by pulling the thread. Tie a knot to secure.

Step 9.
Place the white felt on the back and stitch into place.

Step 10.
Create a loop with some ribbon and make a bow. Secure with hot glue if needed. Hang up and enjoy!