We know you all loved our previous Macrame videos, so we thought we would treat you to a cool macrame necklace video.

Blog_MacrameNecklace1. You will need, tape yarn, scissors and a measuring tape.

2. Taking you tape yarn, start to roll out the yarn.

3. Measure out 90cm of yarn and cut 3 lengths.

4. Tie the three pieces of yarn together.

Blog_MacrameNecklace25. Pull the knot tight on the end.

6. Palit the yarn together.

7. And tie off the end.

8. Measure 8 more lengths of 70cm.

Blog_MacrameNecklace39. Take your newly measured yarn.

10. and tie to the necklace.

11. Repeat the step 7 more times.

12. and you should be left with all strands tied on.

Blog_MacrameNecklace413. Tie a square knot by placing the end piece over the top of the piece next to it in an L shape.

14. And continue the step.

15. Use the picture as a great guide, as it can be a hard technique to originally learn.

16. Lay the piece next to it over the top of the L shape piece.

Blog_MacrameNecklace517. Continue with step 16.

18. And continue.

19. Then thread it through the back of the middle piece.

20. And continue.

Blog_MacrameNecklace621. Then up through the loop pull to secure knot.

22. Do the reverse, bring the piece from the right over the middle piece.

23. Then bring the left piece over, under and through.

24. Pull to secure the knot.

Blog_MacrameNecklace725. And continue the step.

26. Continue the knotting process, leaving the end yarn free each row to create a triangle effect.

27. You can play with the style and even cut the ends different lengths to create a different look.

28. Once completed it have fun wearing your project.

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