The kids can create something special for their bedroom with this super easy and fun project! Decorate your letters with whatever your heart desires and allow your creativity to run free! They are also great for birthdays or special events and you can create them to match your theme.

First things first lets gather your supplies! You can pick up the Paper Mache Letters or Numbers at your nearest Lincraft store or shop them online at

Paper Mache Still 2

Step 1: The fun begins! Paint each of your letters your favourite colour. Two coats works best and a top coat can also be applied if you are after a shiny finish.

Paper Mache Still 5

Step 2: Once paint dries you can start to glue your decorations on! You can use anything from glitter, sequins, pom poms, stickers, lace, ribbon- pretty much anything you can find!

Paper Mache Still 7

Quick tip: If a child is making the letters put some glue in a small container and allow them to add it to their letter with a paintbrush. Its much easier and cleaner and prevents the whole tub of glue ending up on the letters!

Paper Mache Still 10

And thats it! A quick and easy project for any age. If you liked this project we think you will love our project on DIY Snow Globes!