This popular pattern is a quick knit that is ideal for a baby gift. Babies will love it because it’s super soft & really easy to grasp a paw, ear, or part of the body plus it’s as light as a feather. Parents will love it because it’s absorbent, can be thrown in the washing machine and if it gets tossed out of a moving pram you can always whip up another while baby is sleeping.

Our Cuddle Bunny is an easy knit but with genius construction that you have to knit blindly for a bit until you can see what is happening so we have taken some step by step photos to show you how it works!

You will need:
  • 1 ball of Lincraft Fairy Floss yarn or 2 balls of Lincraft Candy Cane
  • 1 pair 4.5mm knitting needles
  • 1 pair 6.5mm knitting needles
  • Wool needle for sewing up & embroidery
  • Washable soft fill
  • Scrap of black yarn for embroidering face

Tension is not important for this project


The head is knitted double i.e. the back and front of the head are knitted at the same time on alternate stitches. When working the 3rd row of the head, the purl stitches on one row are for the front of the head and the purl sts on the alternate rows are for the back of the head. The separation between the front and back of the head will become more obvious once the ears are knitted.

CUDDLE BUNNY (worked in one piece)

Using 6.50mm needles, cast on one st.

1st row: Knit into front and back of st … 2 sts.

2nd row: Inc in first st, K1.

3rd row: Inc in first st, knit to end.

Rep 3rd row 3 times … 7 sts.

7th row: K3, M1, knit to end … 8 sts.

Rep 7th row until there are 40 sts.

Cast on 12 sts at beg of next 2 rows (for paws) … 64 sts.

Knit 6 rows garter st.

Cast off 12 sts at beg of next 2 rows … 40 sts.

Dec one st at beg of every row until 28 sts rem.

2 bunny body

The body is finished and we are about to change needles and start on the head.

Shape Head (see note above):

Change to 4.50mm needles.

1st row: * K2tog, rep from * to end … 14 sts.

2nd row: Inc once in each st … 28 sts.

3rd row: * P1, sl 1, rep from * to end (this is knitting the front and back of the head at the same time).

3 Bunny head beginning

This photo is taken after knitting 3 rows – I have removed the needles so you can see what’s going on – we are creating a tube by knitting alternate stitches. After knitting a few rows you can poke your finger in through the top between some stitches to see the tube forming.

Rep 3rd row until Head measures 9cm.

4  bunny head

Here is our bunny head completed and we are ready to knit the ears. I have cast on stitches for one ear.

Shape Ears (knitted sideways):

1st row: P3tog, return st to left-hand needle, cast on 17 sts, then P3tog, P15, [you now have 16 sts on right-hand needle and 25 sts on left-hand needle], turn.

2nd row: P14, P2tog, turn.

3rd row: P16, turn.

4th row: P12, turn.

5th row: P14, turn.

6th row: P16, P2tog, turn.

7th row: P18, turn.

8th row: P16, P2tog, turn.

9th row: Cast off 18 sts, P1, * sl 1, P1, rep from * to end, turn … 20 sts.

5 bunny ear 1

The first ear is complete – it is knitted sideways but is attached to the top of the head by incorporating some of the head stitches.

Beg 2nd Ear:

1st row: P3tog, return st to left-hand needle, cast on 17 sts, then P3tog, P15, [you now have 16 sts on right-hand needle and 17 sts on left-hand needle], turn.

Work 2nd to 9th rows as for 1st Ear … 12 sts.

6 bunny ear 2

The second ear is complete & we are ready to take the stitches off.


Cut a 25cm length of yarn. Thread yarn through every alt st on needle, then back through rem sts.

8 bunny head finish 2 9 bunny head finish 3

Taking the stitches off the needle is a bit fiddly as you are threading a stitch on to the yarn needle & putting the alternate stitches back on the spare needle. You are doing this to keep the tube in tact. At this point you will clearly see the separation and you will be able to draw the remaining stitches closed after stuffing the head.

10 bunny stuffing

The head is then stuffed.

Remove knitting needle and stuff head lightly. Pull yarn tightly to close top of head and secure.

Embroider face using black yarn and straight stitches. Tie a knot in each paw. Sew in all ends.

Your bunny is ready for cuddles!

 1 bunny hero