Looking for a fun project to keep the kids busy? This DIY Rock Monsters Tic Tac Toe Project is your answer! The kids can play with their Tic Tac Toe as many times as they like after they create it. They can create as many Rock Monsters as they like and pick a different colour every time they play.

To start off you will need to collect your supplies. For this project you will need some paint, glue, joggle eyes, paintbrush and some rocks (you can just find these in the back-yard or your local nursery).


To begin your project start by painting your rocks in your favourite colour! You will need about 4-5 rocks per colour.



Next you will need to give your rock monsters a face! You can add joggle eyes and pom pom noses and draw on a mouth if you like! Get creative and add some glitter for some sparkly monsters or some paint spots.


Now you just have to draw up a tic tac toe board on a piece of card. We have just used marker but you can also use ribbon or paint for your own unique board!


And there you have it your very own Rock Monster Tic Tac Toe game!


Give this project a try and share your photos with us on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #lincrafters for your chance to be featured!

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