I love embroidery and cross stitching, but the threads can get tangled extremely easily in storage. The frustration of untangling and looking for each thread colour every time I changed threads finally got too much. I decided to sort out how I was storing the threads in my office.


I trialled wrapping the thread around a peg. It looks great, but they take up to much space for where I was storing my embroidery.

I did not give up and here is how I created a neat and organised embroidery thread box that is both functional and social media image worthy.


Mini Craft box
Embroidery thread bobbins
Embroidery thread
Clear tape


Step 1:
Cut the number from the label and use the tape to secure it to one corner of the plastic bobbin. A simple method that will allow you to reference what colour is on each bobbin quickly without having to remove them from the box.

Step 2:
Using a jar to hold the thread in place, wind the thread onto the plastic bobbins. Repeat this processes until all threads are wound onto individual bobbins. Place the bobbin into the craft box in order from smallest number to largest.

Step 3:
Check that all threads numbers are in correct order. Place other important equipment into spare spaces and enjoy your newly organised thread box.

I really enjoyed this organising through this project, isn’t it nice to have everything in its correct place? Now go get stitching!