A little imagination, creativity and craft can turn into a whole load of fun! Kids will simply love this How To Make Sock Puppets project. In a few steps, they can create and personalise a whole group of quirky sock puppet characters. Great fun to play with, for storytelling and for putting on a puppet show!


To begin, you will to gather all your supplies. Choose your sock of choice – it doesn’t have to be a plain sock too! Printed socks are extra fun! Also choose some coloured felt to match. Grab some pom pom balls, a bit of wool and wadding. You’ll also need some gaffer tape, cardboard, a pair of scissors and a hot glue gun.


First, cut your cardboard into two semi-circles. This is going to make the mouth of your puppet, so cut a size that will fit well with your sock size.


Use gaffer tape to tape the two semi-circles together loosely. You want these pieces to fold over nicely as you use your puppet to talk. Cut any excess gaffer tape off.


Next, grab two pieces of wadding that is roughly the same size as your semi circles. You will then need to glue the wadding in half – easiest to add glue to half the wadding and folding it over.


Do this to both pieces of wadding.


Then you will glue the wadding to your cardboard.


Cut around any excess wadding so that it is in line with the shape of your circle.


Fold in half with the wadding facing the outside.


Next, turn your sock inside out and apply some glue to the bottom half of your circle.


Glue your sock along the seam to the bottom half of your circle.


And turn your sock inside out.


Now that you have shape of our sock puppet, its time to give it some personality. Add glue to the inside of your sock puppet mouth.


Glue a piece of circle-shaped felt into the inside of the mouth. Fold over to crease. You can add another darker piece of felt to the inside – this is a smaller circle shape with a U-shape cut out of the top. This gives it a more life-like impression when talking.


Make some pom pom eyes with pom poms and felt. We used a slight moon-shape for our eyes.


Add glue to the top of the sock puppet and stick on the pom pom eyes.


Next, glue on some wool whiskers. We’ve used a few strands of wool and tied them in the middle to keep them together.


Add on a pom pom nose with a bit of glue.


Then you’ll need to cut out some pom pom ears. Use two different coloured pieces of felt – one smaller size and one bigger size of the same shape – to act as the inner and outer parts of the ear.



Glue these ears onto the sock puppet head behind its eyes.


And now all you need is a bit of imagination – and maybe a funny voice or two – to bring your new sock puppet to like. Make a pair and put on a performance!

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Happy crafting!