Mother’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to show your mum how much you care than with this fantastic Heart Fingerprint Keyring. This project is hands on and easy for kids to make! Kids can make one for mum, nan, and aunties. It’s great craft project for kids to have fun with and a really unique gift for Mum on her special day!



To begin, make sure you have all your supplies at the ready. For this fun project you will need some Alphabet Beads, jute cord and at least two colours of FIMO. Kids will need some adult help to bake the FIMO.

You’ll also need a keyring clasp, needle or toothpick and a pair of scissors.


On a clean surface, grab your FIMO and start to roll the FIMO into log shapes. Do this for both colours.


Then, with your two logs of FIMO you will twist them together. This is done by wrapping them around each other.


To blend the two colours together, roll them into a ball.


Once rolled and the colours blended, flatten the ball to make a flat circle.


With your needle or toothpick, you will create a hole at the top of the circle. Make sure to leave some space between the hole and the edge of the circle.


Next, you’ll be making a heart imprint on your circle. This is very easy to do with your fingerprints. Just use your finger and press down to make one half of the heart. Do the same thing and press down your finger for the other half of the heart.


When you are happy with your heart, you will need to get an adult to bake this in the oven at 110°C for 30 minutes.


After your FIMO is done, grab some of your thread, your keyring clasp and some alphabet letters.


Thread on the cord and the letters. You can spell out mum, nan, or someone special’s name.


When you’re happy with your letter, get your FIMO circle and thread through the hole. Don’t forget to tie a really good knot to keep it strong and safe!


Then just trim the cord and you are done!


You can have fun with different designs and colours!

Don’t forget to add a lovely card and you have a very special homemade gift for mum, grandma and aunties!



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Happy Mother’s Day, Lincrafters!