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A321 Crochet Blanket - Dolls Bed

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  • Sullivans Mercerised Crochet Yarn, Cream- 50g Cotton Yarn
    Sullivans Mercerised Crochet Yarn, Cream- 50g Cotton Yarn
    SKU# 22466297-02117
  • Knitting Needles 25cm- 2.25mm
    Knitting Needles 25cm- 2.25mm
    SKU# 22488091-02117
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SKU# PR-A321
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  • Sullivans Crochet cotton – satin 2ply we used ombre pink
  • Crochet and knit cotton – white
  • Crochet hook – corresponding size for selected thread – 2.25mm
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors


Dc =
double crochet
St =


Step 1: Crochet 80 granny squares. Round 1a: Start with a magic circle. Round 1b: 11 dc in magic ring [12 st total]. Round 1c: Pull end to create and close first round. Round 1d: Slip stitch to complete first round. Round 2a: 1 chain, counts as first dc. Round 2b: In second dc from chain, 1 dc and 1tr. Round 2c: In the next dc, 1 tr and 1 dc. You have just completed the first corner of the granny square. Round 2d: 1 dc in the next dc. 1dc and 1 tr in the next dc. You have just completed the first side of the granny square. Round 2e: Continue as above repeating sequence on all 4 sides. Round 2f: Slip stitch to fasten round 2. Pull centre thread to tighten centre as desired.

Step 2: With white cotton join 2 granny square sides with dc stitches. Join 16 squares [i.e. 2 rows of eight].

Step 3: Repeat this 5 times [5 sections of 16 granny sqaures]. Join these sections with dc stitches – you will do this 4 times.

Step 4: Then join all rows [lengthways] using dc stitch [i.e. 7 times].

Step 5: Finish off by crocheting a trim to the 2 longest sides. 6dc in the middle dc along each granny square to create a scalloped edge.

Step 6: Slip stitch through 2 loops [one loop from each adjoining granny square]. Repeat scallops 9 times.

Step 7: Create corner of bedspread by slip stitching the tenth granny square diagonally. Fasten off. Weave in all ends.

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