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#3083 Dream Catcher

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  • Sullivans Crochet Cotton Satin Yarn 2ply, Natural- 50g
    Sullivans Crochet Cotton Satin Yarn 2ply, Natural- 50g
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    Hand Sewing Needles, Size 5/10- 16pk
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SKU# PR-3083
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REQUIREMENTS A 14” bamboo embroidery hoop or a large ring of some kind Some yarn or decorative cord to cover the ring (about 3mt) Crochet cotton or thin cord (about 5mt) Beads A needle or some sticky tape A peg

INSTRUCTIONS Step 1 Using a peg to hold the loose end, tightly wind yarn or cord around the ring (see diagram). When you have done a few centimetres, push it back towards the bit you have just done to make sure it is tight and the ring is totally covered. Step 2 Wind the crochet cotton (or cord) around a piece of cardboard or a pen – it will be easier to weave your catcher if you don’t need to worry about pulling metres of loose thread through. Keep a moderate length of cord unravelled at one end, and thread the beads onto the cord. As you work, you will need to manoeuvre the beads over and through your loops, letting one bead stay on a loop, every few loops, and the rest on the thread until needed. As you get rid of more beads it will get easier to move through the loops. Step 3 Tie the end of the cord to your dream catcher, and start making your foundation loops. See the diagrams on how to do this. Keep your loops loose. The tighter you weave the more intricate your dream catcher will be, but for your first try, looser is easier, and the beads will be easier to move through as well.
When you have gone around one, start on the second row – you will move to the middle in a spiral – looping as you go. Be sure to catch each loop for a neat finish and drop a bead off every few loops to add a bit more visual interest. When you have finished, tie your cord off in a small knot. If you are concerned it might not stay, add a dob of PVA glue, or clear nail polish to the knot to hold it tight. Tips:Try poking a feather through a bead, tucking little notes in amongst the weaving, or adding souvenirs gathered from walks.
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