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A150 Fabric Bowl

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  • Titanium Bonded Scissors- 255mm
    Titanium Bonded Scissors- 255mm
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    Mod Podge, Matte- 118ml
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SKU# PR-A150
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Fabric in 2 contrasting colours (we used 2 fat quarters and had leftovers Cut into 2cm strips) Mod Podge (gloss or matte) A stiff bristle paintbrush A bowl (this will be the form we useto drape our fabric over) Clingfilm A mug (to elevate the bowl) Scissors Bias tape

These bowls are so fun and easy – Like fabric paper mache. You can whip one up in under an hour and they make great gifts! Easy enough for kids to handle too. Messy warning, so a protected table is a must, but fun is guaranteed.

Step 1: Turn the bowl upside down and cover it well with clingfilm (this is to protect the bowl underneath so make sure it is well covered.

Step 2: Place an upside down mug on your table, and put the upside down bowl on top of it. This should elevate your bowl and make it easier to access it from all sides.

Step 3: Brush a layer of Mod Podge over the bowl and start laying your first layer of strips. Lay these first strips right side down – this will be the INSIDE of the bowl. Lay strips all the way around the bowl making sure there are no gaps – and lay some sideways around the bowl to give the bowl more stability. Keep adding mod podge and covering each strip.

Step 4: Now we will work on the OUTSIDE of the bowl. Keep working as you did for the inside – laying strips but this time the right side should be facing OUT.

Step 5: Leave the bowl to dry completely, then carefully remove it from your bowl form and remove any remaining clingfilm. Trim off the uneven edges with a pair of scissors, and glue bias tape around the edge to decorate.

Step 6: Coat the bowl with acrylic vanish in desired. If you want your bowl to be even stronger, you could add more layers of fabric, or even strips of paper in between the first and second layers.

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