Fish Tail Band Bracelet A045

Fish Tail Band Bracelet
  • Colour Bands, Green- 300pc
    Colour Bands, Green- 300pc

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    Rainbow Bands Kit- Series 2
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REQUIREMENTS Creative Mates Rainbow Bands 1 loom 1 hook 1 S-clasp


Step 1: Twist first colour band into a figure 8 on the loom.

Step 2: Alternate colours on the loom so there are a total of 3 bands on the loom (1 figure 8 and the others placed on normally).

Step 3: Using the hook, remove the bottom band from the pins so it is resting on the top of the bands that are stretched between the two pins. You will likely have to push down the bands on the pins.

Step 4: Place next alternating colours of band on the pins. Repeat step by removing the new bottom band from the pins so that one is also resting on top of the bands stretched between the pins. Repeat steps 3 and 4. The fish tail bracelet will begin to lengthen and feed from the bottom of the pins. When the desired length is reached, carefully add the S-clasp to both sides of the bands that are around the pins. (There will be 4 band loops that will be placed onto clasp, otherwise it will come apart.) Close bracelet by looping on other end of S-clasp.

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