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Frayed Edge Christmas Cards #2580

To download this free project, select the image of the project and click to enlarge. Right click and select 'Save Image As'. After saving, you can choose to print or access the project at your leisure.

  • Gutermann Polyester Thread, Colour 000- 100m
    Gutermann Polyester Thread, Colour 000- 100m
    SKU# 20861131-02984
  • Calico Heavy Fabric, Natural- Width 150cm
    Calico Heavy Fabric, Natural- Width 150cm
    Member Price
    SKU# 22777096-02710
  • Hand Sewing Needles, Size 3/9- 16pk
    Hand Sewing Needles, Size 3/9- 16pk
    SKU# 21815270-02117
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SKU# PR-2580
In stock
Soft eraser Stencil knife Textas in your desired colours Pack of blank cards Calico scraps Embroidery thread and needle Scissors Glue stick

To make a stamp: Draw the shape you want to stamp on the face of the eraser. Then using your stencil knife trace the outlines of your drawing and carefully cut away the parts of the stamp you dont want to print with. You want to make sure that the parts of the stamp that are not needed are not going to come into contact with the paper. Prepare your fabric squares: Calico is very easy to rip. Cut a small nick in the side of your fabric and gently rip along the grain. Repeat this process until all 4 sides are ripped, then pull away at the exposed threads until you have an evenly frayed border. Stamp your fabric: To get a good imprint, make sure you are working on a hard flat surface. Take a texta and colour the face of your design, then quickly print it onto the calico before it dries. You might want to do a few practice prints before moving onto the real thing. Embroider the edges (optional): Using thread and a needle, trace the edges of your stamp and the border of your square in running stitch. Attach your squares to the card with a glue stick.
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