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Free-Motion Machine Embroidery Cushion #2905

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SKU# PR-2905
In stock
Heavy duty calico (or other fabric) Sewing machine with zipper foot 2 contrasting threads Water erasable fabric marking pen Template

Machine embroidery is an easy way to add interest and detail to a project. You can use it on clothing, on bags or homewares. Step 1 Trace the shape of your template on to your fabric with the water erasable marker. Step 2 Thread your machine with 2 contrasting threads - a dark one in the bobbin, the lighter one on top. Step 3 Holding the fabric with the flat palms of your hands, start the machine, and move around the border of your traced shape - being careful not to put any fingers in the way of the needle. Fill in the shape with rows of stitching, applying shading, detail or just roughly filling in areas. The aim is to complete a shape with one long row of stitches - there is no need to lift the needle to change directions unless you really want to, or are after a geometric shape. Step 4 Keep going until you are satisfied, and remove the marker outlines with a spray of water - or a quick rinse. Cushion Cut 1 piece of calico slightly larger than your cushion insert eg - if cushion insert is 60cm sq, cut 70cm sq. Step 1 Cut the backing the same but add an extra 25cm of fabric to the bottom edge. Step 2 Hem the bottom edge of both pieces of fabric. Place right sides together of front and back, fold the overlap 25cm of fabric back on itself at the bottom edge. Step 3 Sew around 3 edges (leaving folded edge unstitched). Step 4 Snip edges and turn right side out. Step 5 Hem the outside border if you would like a crisper edge.
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