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Hand Painted & Embellished Cushions #2305

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  • Fat Quarter Metre, Fuchsia- 50 x 55cm
    Fat Quarter Metre, Fuchsia- 50 x 55cm
    SKU# 23146945-02898
  • Calico Heavy Fabric, Natural- Width 150cm
    Calico Heavy Fabric, Natural- Width 150cm


    Sale Price $4.45

    SKU# 22777096-02710
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SKU# PR-2305
In stock
1 pack of Dylon permanent fabric dye (use the hand dye - not the machine dye) 1 firm paintbrush 1 bucket or container 4 tablespoons of salt Water Rubber gloves 70cm of Heavy duty calico for front - 70cm x 90cm for the back. Cutting these before washing and drying them will make them easier to handle during the painting process. Cardboard (an opened out box is perfect) Round headed pins Feather & Down Pillow insert (60cm x 60cm) 1 pack of assorted fat quarters quilting fabric (or fabric scraps) Embroidery thread & needle Large buttons for securing open cushion edge (if required)

NOTE: Painting concentrated dye on fabric gives a beautiful, mottled soft effect that once set will not wash off. Your design becomes part of the fabric instead of sitting on top, so wash and wear will not affect it, making it easier to care for. PAINTING YOUR FABRIC Step 1: Wash and dry your fabric to remove any manufacturers residue and prepare it for dying. Painting straight on to damp fabric will give more bleed. Step 2: Take a packet of Dylon hand dye and using rubber gloves, dissolve the dye in 4 cups of warm water, stirring thoroughly until the dye has dissolved. Add 4 tablespoons of salt and stir until dissolved. The salt helps the dye to set into the fabric. The instructions on the back of the packet will tell you to add the dye to a larger quantity of water - but please ignore this - we are after concentrated dye for this project. The dye is now ready for painting. Step 3: Lay your clean fabric flat on to the cardboard - securing it at the edges with pins pushed straight down into the cardboard to keep it flat. Paint your designs on to the fabric - being careful not to let the dye drip where you do not want it - as it will not come out. Any design will work. We tried a large bird, a tree, a basic mandalah, and circles (painting in the space between one circle and the next to give a more solid colour between the white sections). The fabric for the back of the cushion was dyed in the remainder of the dye. One measure of dye was enough to do 3 fronts and backs. Step 4: Let the fabric dry thoroughly on the cardboard before rinsing it in your laundry sink to remove the loose dye. You may have to rinse it several times before the water runs clear. Then put it through the washing machine on a warm cycle to make sure all excess dye is completely gone. Once dry your fabric is ready to use. MAKING YOUR CUSHION Step 1: Taking a length of embroidery thread, trace just outside the edges of your design with running stitch. Step 2: Cut small pieces of fabric to decorate your design - eg; feathers for a bird, small birds for a tree (with buttons for eyes), or if you have a simple design of dots or stripes you could cut large circles or strips to fit amongst the flat sections. Pin these to your fabric and applique them with blanket stitch around all edges to secure them to your fabric. Step 3: You should have one square (front) and one rectangle (back). Make a 5cm hem along one side of your front section, then pin the back to the front with the longer rectangle section folded on top of your hemmed section (pillowcase style). Sew a 5cm seam around the remaining 3 sides - leaving the folded section unsewn. Trim all 4 corners to remove excess fabric, turn right side out and press, then fill with your luxurious down pillow. You can secure the open edge with buttons if you prefer, removing them for cleaning when required.
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