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#3079 Harvey The Bunny

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SKU# PR-3079
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Yarn Required 2 x Lincraft Entice - 50g Balls 1 x Lincraft Zambezee - 50g Balls Needles A pair of 6.00mm knitting needlesWool needle for sewing up Requirements A stitch holder Washable stuffing 2 doll eyes (the push through kind) Scraps of yellow felt to line the eyes Scrap yarn for making a pom pom tail Pom pom maker (available from Lincraft) Scrap of pink yarn for embroidering the face Length of ribbon (optional)
Tension is not important for this project
Note Harvey is knitted using Entice and Zambezee yarns together.

BODY First Leg:Using 6.00mm needles and both yarns, cast on 10 sts. Work 9 rows stocking st. 10th row:P8, turn. 11th row:Sl 1, K5, turn. 12th row:Sl 1, P4, turn 13th row:Sl 1, K2, turn. 14th row:Purl to end. Cont in stocking st until work measures 26cm from beg, ending with a purl row. ** First leg is now complete. Break off yarns and leave sts on stitch holder.
Second Leg: Work as for first leg to **. Join Legs: With right sides facing, knit across sts from second leg, then knit across sts from first leg ... 20 sts. Purl 1 row. Next row:Inc in first st, knit to last st, inc in last st ... 22 sts. Work 23 rows stocking st, beg with a purl row. Shape Shoulders And Neck: 1st row:K5, [K2tog] twice, K4, [K2tog] twice, K5 ... 18 sts. 2nd row:P4, [P2tog] twice, P2, [P2tog] twice, P4 ... 14 sts.3rd row:K2, [K2tog] twice, K2, [K2tog] twice, K2 ... 10 sts. Work 3 rows stocking st, beg with a purl row. Increase for Head And Shape Nose: 1st row:K4, inc in next 2 sts, K4 ... 12 sts. 2nd row:P4, inc in next 4 sts, P4 ... 16 sts. 3rd row:K5, inc in next 6 sts, K5 ... 22 sts. 4th row:Purl. 5th row:Knit. 6th row:P9, inc in next 4 sts, P9 ... 26 sts. 7th row:K10, inc in next 6 sts, K10 ... 32 sts.8th row:Purl. 9th row:K13, [K2tog] 3 times, K13 ... 29 sts.10th row:P10, [P2tog] twice, P1, [P2tog] twice, P10 ... 25 sts. 11th row:K8, [K2tog] twice, K1, [K2tog] twice, K8 ... 21 sts. 12th row:P6, [P2tog] twice, P1, [P2tog] twice, P6 ... 17 sts. 13th row:K4, [K2tog] twice, K1, [K2tog] twice, K4 ... 13 sts. 14th row:P2, [P2tog] twice, P1, [P2tog] twice, P2 ... 9 sts. 15th row:K1, [K2tog] 4 times ... 5 sts. 16th row:P2tog, P1, P2tog ... 3 sts. Cast off. ARMS (make 2) Using 6.00mm needles and both yarns, cast on 3 sts. 1st row:K1, inc in next st, K1 ... 4 sts. 2nd row: P1, inc in next 2 sts, P1 ... 6 sts. 3rd row: K1, inc in next 4 sts, K1 ... 10 sts. Work 4 rows stocking st, beg with a purl row. 8th row: P3, [P2tog] twice, P3 ... 8 sts. 9th row: K2, [K2tog] twice, K2 ... 6 sts. Work in stocking st, beg with a purl row, until work measures 25cm from beg, ending with a purl row.
Next row:K1, [K2tog] twice, K1 ... 4 sts. Next row:Purl. Next row:K1, K2tog, K1 ... 3 sts. Break off yarn, run end through rem sts, draw up tightly and fasten off securely. EARS (make 2) Using 6.00mm needles and both yarns, cast on 3 sts. Work 2 rows stocking st. 3rd row:K1, inc in next st, K1 ... 4 sts. 4th row:Purl. 5th row:K1, inc in next 2 sts, K1 ... 6 sts. 6th row:Purl. 7th row:K1, inc in next 4 sts, K1 ... 10 sts. Work 7 rows stocking st, beg with a purl row. 15th row:K1, K2tog, K4, K2tog, K1 ... 8 sts. 16th row:Purl. 17th row:K1, K2tog, K2, K2tog, K1 ... 6 sts. 18th row:Purl. 19th row:K1, [K2tog] twice, K1 ... 4 sts. 20th row:P1, P2tog, P1 ... 3 sts. 21st row:K2tog, K1 ... 2 sts. 22nd row:P2tog and fasten off. Finishing Using mattress stitch, sew Harvey’s feet and legs. Stuff the feet well but not tightly – if any filling pokes through the heel of his foot, gently darn over the holes with scraps of Entice and they will then be invisible. Keep sewing the legs, stuffing very lightly as you go. His legs should be filled but still floppy. At the top of the legs, sew a few sts to enclose the hole where the legs meet the body at the back seam. At this point the legs might want to turn to the other side, just keep twisting them gently back in the direction you want them to sit and the stuffing should hold them in place.
Sew up the body, stuffing as you go, being careful not to put too much stuffing into the neck. Again, if stuffing is showing through gently darn over any stretched sts with scraps of Entice. Harvey’s eyes are made from dolls eyes which usually have a clear backing. Add colour by cutting a scrap of felt the same shape as the backing, cut a small cross in the centre of the felt, and push the dolls eye barrel through this hole. Trim any excess felt. Push the barrel of the eye through the head and fix in place with the plastic backing piece. Keep sewing up the back of the head, pushing stuffing into Harvey’s nose, and forming the shape of his head as you go. Sew up the arms, starting from the bottom of the hands and stuff the hand once sewn. Leave the arms unstuffed as they should stay floppy. Attach the arms to the sides of the body from the shoulders. Attach the pointy end of the ears to the side of the head. Using scrap yarn, make a pom pom for Harvey’s tail and attach securely. Using scrap pink yarn, embroider his nose and mouth. Sew in all ends. If desired, tie ribbon around his neck. Don’t forget to give him a cuddle – it’s his first day in the world after all.
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