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A119 How To Wear A Fascinator

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Hats may not be de riguer as they once were, but they can still make or break an outfit. Learn how to wear a hat with panache and be a winner in the style stakes this Spring.

A hat or fascinator can add height and attract attention to your face, making you appear taller, slimmer and more attractive. Because most of us don’t have faces that are completely symmetrical, it is more flattering to position the hat or fascinator in line with one eye to the side of the head and tilted slightly forward.

Position your hat/fascinator over one eye and slightly forward and NEVER in the middle. Traditionally fascinators are placed over the right side of the head, but go with the side your part is on, or the side with the least hair – for greater visual balance.

A hat or fascinator should stay where you put it – there is nothing worse than having headwear that you need to hold on to on a windy day. Headwear designed by a milliner will come with a comb, elastic or both to help it stay in your hair.

CorrectElastic is a fantastic way to keep a hat or fascinator in place – unless you have very fair (white or grey) hair, the best choice -even for blondes- is brown. Elastic should go to the back of the head – behind the ears and in or under the hairline. (See Feathers #101 for more on how to affix elastic). Ladies with very fine or straight hair will find elastic a big help in keeping their headwear in place.

Matching a hat to your outfit: Wherever possible, compare your hat & outfit in the daylight as fluorescent lighting can affect the way some colours look. Limit your colours. Even if your outfit is rainbow hued, you are better off choosing headwear that has no more than 2 or 3 colours.

A hat should set off your face, not distract from it. Have a look at your silhouette. There are times that a hat with a flat broad brim can be right, but for most of us, the right silhouette will be more height than width – drawing the eye up to continue the line from the clothing. Headbands that wrap around the head are usually the exception to this, provided they have an upward visual interest.

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