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Jersey Neckpiece #2735

To download this free project, select the image of the project and click to enlarge. Right click and select 'Save Image As'. After saving, you can choose to print or access the project at your leisure.

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SKU# PR-2735
In stock
: 50cm of jersey stretch fabric in your colour choice Sewing machine (or the ability to hand sew a straight seam) Sharp scissors

Important tip When choosing a jersey for this project you will need one that rolls in on itself when it is cut and stretched - have a look at the cut edge of the roll of fabric and give it a light stretch - if it rolls it will be suitable - if it stays flat it will not work. Step 1 Most Jerseys are 140cm in width, so cut it in half down the middle to give you 2 pieces - one to keep one to give. Step 2 Fold in half from selvedge to cut edge (make sure your grain is running top to bottom in other words) and sew a straight seam 1cm from the edge. No need to treat the edges - we want everything to curl up on itself. Cut into the fabric at 2cm intervals from the folded edge towards the seam - stopping 2 centimetres from the seam. Put one hand on the seam, and pull the loop - it will curl in at the edges and elongate. The more you pull the longer and tighter it will get. Put your arm through all loops and fold the 'spine' back on itself, and repeat - so you have 4 layers of spine. You could sew these in place if you like, or just leave it loose. You are done! Lightweight and stylish and cheap enough to make one in every colour under the rainbow.
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