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Knitting Loom Beanie A219

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Knitting Loom (Sold In Set)
Chunky Yarn (Eg. Newlight)(
Loom Tool (In Set)


Keep your head warm this winter with your own Knitting Loom Beanie!

To Cast On: Wind the yarn around the peg on the side to hold it in place. 1. Cast on by winding the yarn around each peg anti clockwise. 2. Anchor the loose yarn by winding it around the peg on the side and holding it. Note: You need to be patient for the first 2 or 3 rounds until you are off and running. It gets easier as you go on. To Knit: 1. Wind the yarn around each peg again so you now have 2 loops on each peg and anchor the yarn around the peg on the side. 2. Starting at the first peg, use the tool to bring the bottom loop up over the top loop, and move to the next peg. Repeat. The bottom (cast on) edge of the knitting will roll slightly. If you would like a brim, knit until you have 8-15cm of knitting (depending on how deep you want the brim to be), and then take the cast on edge loops, bring them up and put them back on the pegs so you have 2 loops. Bring the bottom loop up over the top loop and keep knitting around the loom as usual. Keep going around and around until you have almost finished the yarn - leave a metre or so of yarn. To Cast Off: 1. Thread the needle with the remaining tail of yarn, and thread through each loop on the loom - working back the way you came (clockwise). Take each loop off the loom as you thread it onto the remaining yarn tail. When you have all loops on the yarn, pull the tail tight and fasten off the top of your hat. 2. Weave in the ends using your needle and trim off any excess yarn. 3. Finish with a pom pom if desired.
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